DJ for 21st Party Carlshalton,Surrey

January 2014 and i get a call from a lady called Debbie who's been given my details from a work colleague of hers who knows me,Debbie's interested in booking me for her son's surprise 21st Birthday Party to be held at the Greyhound Hotel,the high Street,Carlshalton,surrey.

    Her son's name is Dario and Debbie has told me his favourite song is Yeah by Usher followed by Mark Morrison and The return of the mack,two brilliant songs to start his 21st with.Most surprise party's i do are well attended and the guests are there on time and despite there being some adverse weather conditions no one let us down and a good crowd had gathered for Dario's entrance.The venue was quite small but our equipment fitted in well and as soon as we were all set up i did the normal sound and light checks and played a few songs,when it was five minutes away from the estimated arrival time i announced to the guests that i was shutting the music down until Dario made his grand entrance.

    The plan was for Dario to come through the door with a few mates who were meeting other friends in the pub for a Saturday night drink and the family were in waiting with cameras at the ready for Dario to appear,he popped his head around the corner and received a loud cheer from everyone and looked shocked but happy to see everyone.I played his favourite songs along with some new chart material and some oldies for the family including Billy Ocean,Sister Sledge-we are family,Tina Turner-Simply the best,The Jam-Going Underground and Madness-Baggy trousers and Must be Love.All in all a good evening for Dario and his family and friends.