Wedding DJ for the Wharf restaurant,Teddington

I have done some work for Natasha's firm in Teddington and mentioned my new web site to her and she happened to be getting married in August to Craig at the wondeerful Wharf Restaurant in Teddington.

     Situated along the river,the Wharf is a converted Victorian Boathouse opposite Teddington Lock,Natasha and Craig hired the top floor and had about 40 guests ,the happy couiple wanted me to play background music aas the guests arrived from about 3.30pm so i was there to set up at 2.15pm,a little longer than usual because of the stairs.

   The happy couple arrived a bit later to the wonderful appropiate opening song from American Authors and the best day of our lifes,a selection of background music was played,kept at a low volume so the guests could make conversation,songs from John Legend,Coldplay and Ed Sheran whilst the guests ate.The speeches were short but brilliant ,which were done before the main course was served.

    Natasha had composed several well organised lists for me which i played along side some added summer songs because of the beautiful weather,her song list included Def Leppard,David Guetta,Coldplay,James,Journey,Justin Timberlake,Killers,Maroon 5,Mr Big,Pink,Bruno Mars,Pharrel Williams,One Direction,Katy Perry,Carly Rae Jepsom,The Waterboys and Queen.Natasha and Craig's special song was by Tom O'Dell and grow old with me.more Summer soungs were played later including Katrina and the Waves-Walking on Sunshine,Dire Straits-Twistin' by the pool,Arrow-Hot,hot,hot and the wonderfully appropiate Real Thin-You to me are Everyhing from the Great Summer of 1976.

     Later in the evening some rock and roll was played and a few Glam Rock songs including Marc Bolan and the Cockney Rebel,the music had to be wound up just before 11.30pm with the last song being a re run of Natasha and Craigs first dance which lots of guests joined in on,Tom O'Dell-Grow old with me.The guests gradually left after saying there goodbyes to the very happy couple.


Dancing Guests