About me

My name is Phil Gunton and I am a mobile DJ based in Epsom. and I started doing mobile discos in 1985 and over the last thirty years have been playing vinyl,cd,now mp3 to a wide range of audiences which include wedding receptions, engagement parties, anniversary partys, Civil partnership celebrations,Gay weddings,retirement dos, office parties, halloween dos, childrens' discos, marquee discos, discos in customers houses and Christmas and New Year discos.

I love playing music especially to an audience and although I haven’t given up my day job I get an immense feeling of satisfaction doing a disco for somebody more than I get cleaning carpets!

I put back a lot of what I’ve earned from the discos into keeping my equipment up to date, having it regularly serviced, annually PAT tested, keeping my music collection up to date, keeping my lights/lasers modern and always trading my van in for a new one in less than four years so less chance of a break down on the way to a venue!

I personally love the soul,disco,funk era from 1975 to 1985,especially the summer of ’76 where I got the idea of Real Thing Discos, love most Motown,I’m a great Elvis fan and like a bit of Reggae too this doesn’t mean I don’t like songs from the eighties to now and I keep the new songs well stocked .I’ve learned how to fit different eras of music into one night, it’s very difficult to please every guest especially the one’s that sit down and request songs but never dance to them, I’ll endeavour to play what the majority of the audience would like, I find it works best in sections, so if a disco track goes down well e.g. Four seasons-oh What a Night follow it with Billy Ocean-Love Really Hurts without you, possibly next Candi Staton-Young Hearts run free then maybe go with some girl singers from the Motown era, of course if nearly all the audience is happy dancing to seventies disco then I’ll keep that going for several songs.