Q. Is your equipment P.A.T tested?
A. Yes and you can see the certificates in the footer below

Q. How much do you charge for a four hour wedding in Kingston, for example?
A. If it’s not an early set up time £300 (This price includes Lasers and Lights)

Q. Do you ever give any discounts?
A. Yes to regular customers

Q. What happens if you’re late for any reason?
A. This rarely happens and I always have a charged mobile on me to inform of delay, a bad accident may cause this and on arrival I can ‘catch’ up on the setting up time of the sound  and set up the lights later.

Q.Are you insured?
A. Yes I have full public liability insurance for £2 million(You can see the certificates towards the top of this page)

Q. Has you’re vehicle break down cover?
A. Yes,full cover

Q. How do I pay?
A. Once we’ve agreed what the price is I take a deposit of £150 payable by cash or on line banking to secure the booking, the balance is payable at the start or if you prefer during the evening at some stage.

Q. What if I have to cancel?
A. If you have paid the deposit, it’s not usually refundable but if a date has to change and I can accommodate the new date you can use the deposit for the revised date.

Q. How far would you travel?
A. The furthest I’ve been in miles from my area is about 25 miles but I have been asked to go further, however it does significantly increase the price.

Q. Do you know of any good bands or tribute artists?
A. Yes, I know an Elvis tribute artist called Matt King, who can be found on Google. also A singing waiter duo called Tailored Tenors i can recommend

Q. How much do you charge if i wanted an extra hour or half hour?
A. £70 for the hour and £35 for half hour.

Q. Do you use RCD(Residual current device) for safety?
A. Yes and i always carry a spare unit

Q. Do you charge vat?